Wednesday, 4 May 2016

These 21 foolproof sales tips will help you close deals faster and make tons of money

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Sales is hard. Some people say it's more art than science.

Selling can get especially tricky in today's tech environment, where things change so fast. 

To help you master the art of selling, Salesforce recently published an e-book called "100 Sales Tips for 2016."

We put together 21 of the best tips from the book:

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"Higher the risk, higher the payoff. That’s just how life works. So go big or go home." — Mia Dand; CEO, Lighthouse3

"Prepare more questions. Salespeople spend too much time preparing what they want to say to a customer and not enough time thinking of the questions they should ask. The best sales presentations are the ones never given, because the salesperson and the customer are having a discussion around the questions being asked." — Mark Hunter; The Sales Hunter

"Incorporate video into your sales pitch. Try not to go slide by slide in a monotone fashion. Instead, walk around the room and engage your audience, then interject videos to explain valid points. Consider making a video about how you can help the company you’re pitching and interview multiple team members." — Yaniv Masjedi; VP of Marketing, Nextiva

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